Our Datacentre

holdingSign_robotWe enjoy a special relationship with Digiweb, our datacentre partner.

Digiweb operate from a base in Christchurch where they have two state-of-the-art datacentres.

Digiweb have been providing web hosting services to hairyLemon and the I.T. Team for more than a decade, so our knowledge of their business and experience of their service is first hand.

Digiweb was established in 1997 in Christchurch. Digiweb started as a hosting provider for local corporate, governmental and council entities. Digiweb grew rapidly and was able to invest in the development of high quality datacentre facilities.

Today Digiweb provides a comprehensive range of managed hosting, online data storage and e-commerce services to a wide variety of New Zealand and international clients.

Currently the company supports approximately three hundred IBM servers and thousands of customers across its three datacentres, two in Christchurch and one in Auckland. These facilities are supported by datacentres in Ireland and the United States, with more on the horizon.

Digiweb’s network availability exceeds 99.98% across all servers with higher guaranteed up-time options available depending upon clients’ particular requirements.

Digiweb is committed to continuously enhancing its technology and service offering through the development of its local and off-shore hosting facilities and the introduction of emerging and supporting technologies.

We trust Digiweb to provide us with the datacentre services we need to support the growth of businesses across New Zealand.

All of the datacentre services Digiweb provide to the I.T. team and our clients are located here in New Zealand, unless our clients have other international hosting requirements.