The I.T. Team are proud to be a corporate ‘Champions for Animals’ partner of SPCA Canterbury. Since 2013 we  have been working alongside the SPCA team to deliver new and improved I.T. solutions for the organisation.

SPCA marketing and communications manager Raina Roberts says the organisation’s outdated hardware and software, constant server issues and limited equipment were causing major issues for staff.

“Thanks to the generosity of several grant funders, including Pub Charity, The Lion Foundation and First Sovereign Trust, the I.T. team were able to support us through an essential I.T. upgrade,” Raina said.

“The work involved upgrading our old equipment, including the purchase of laptops and Samsung notebooks, allowing our team access to vital animal information regardless of their location.”

We also installed a new cloud based server, a point of sale system for the SPCA retail and animal boarding service, and upgraded all computers to Microsoft Office 365.

“With the increase in our workload this I.T. upgrade has allowed our team to be more efficient in our communication methods, internally and externally, helping to ensure we meet the needs and expectations of our animals and the community.”

One of the most critical elements in the service the SPCA provides is their animal database, which enables them to keep records of the animals they look after and provides valuable data that can be used for reporting to funding providers and donors, as well as planning for resourcing and identifying any trends in the local community around animal welfare.

The involvement of the I.T. team and the funders mentioned above has enabled this database to be migrated from mostly paper records, into a cloud hosted format that can be updated in real time by SPCA staff in the field.

“It has taken a lot of time and work to get to this point, but our staff are now able to quickly update the database and the information is readily available to anyone who needs it.

“Frequently they are being called out to animal emergencies, dealing with animals who may have been hit by a car for example, so having a system that is easy and fast to use is critical to our team,” Raina says.

“We appreciate the I.T. Team for their invaluable support – your help really does make a difference for vulnerable Canterbury animals.”

SPCA Canterbury has been proudly serving the animals and people in the Canterbury community for over 143 years. They are dedicated to preventing the cruelty and suffering of animals in the region through education and enforcement.

Every year they care for thousands of lost, sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals, and aim to rehome as many of these as possible.

Staff rescue animals from harmful situations, attend hundreds of animal emergencies and investigate complaints about the ill-treatment of animals.

Their team also provide helpful animal care advice to local pet owners and offer support to those who are struggling financially by way of pet food donations.

To help prevent ongoing animal abuse and neglect, they have a passionate education team who provide a free education service to community groups and schools. Their fun, friendly and interactive presentation helps participants to better understand the importance of caring and having empathy for both animals and people.

With operating costs of over $3 million per year, and with no government funding, the Canterbury SPCA relies heavily upon the generosity of the community to continue this important work.

To learn more about becoming a SPCA corporate partner please contact Dominique on dominique@spcacanterbury.org.nz or phone 344 4776.