Equipment Leasing

graphs Instead of being hit with significant capital expense costs, you can put your I.T. hardware and software purchases onto a monthly lease which shifts those dollars to your operational expenditure budget and makes them easier to manage.

This model fits perfectly with your I.T. service package and can free up hard earned business capital.

Computer hardware and software depreciates rapidly in value. Some would say that computer equipment adds value to a business, if it is being used productively and effectively. However, it is widely regarded as a capital cost and not a capital investment.

Leasing is cash flow friendly, tax deductible for business use, provides you with options at the end of the term and is quick and easy to approve. Leasing options on hardware and software start from $500 with terms available from 1-5 years.

“If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.”

J. Paul Getty (1892 –1976) American industrialist