Managed Services

Managed I.T. services are any service that a company outsources to an I.T. service provider.

This could include monitoring the health and well-being of your servers, deploying patches and updates, managing anti-virus protection, setting up new users and generally dealing with any I.T. related issues.

An important question for businesses to consider when outsourcing the management of I.T. services is how the managed service is being delivered. Is it the traditional 8:30am – 5:00pm help desk providing reactive support and a break/fix approach to service delivery?

Or does it use the latest managed services software technology, where automated software agents monitor your network 24/7 and provide alerting of issues the second they are detected.


I.T. system management software

I.T. system management software (ITSMS) is revolutionising the delivery of I.T. support to business.

Because ITSMS is intelligent software that works unobtrusively over the internet, it greatly reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and the need for human intervention.

ITSMS has enabled the I.T. team to move our clients away from the traditional break-fix approach and introduce proactive monitoring that keeps their I.T. systems up and running.

Our managed services are delivered using Kaseya’s market leading, fully automated, I.T. management system. Kaseya proactively monitors, alerts and maintains the health and well-being of your I.T. system saving you time and cost.


About the Technology

Kaseya is the world’s leading provider of I.T. system management software. Headquartered in Switzerland, they have a growing global customer base of over 10,000. The word Kaseya comes from an American Indian word meaning ‘to secure and protect’. One of the more impressive features of Kaseya is its ability to perform all of its functions remotely, securely and unobtrusively via the web.