Online Backup

A wise man once said that as a business owner backup should be at the forefront of your mind and at the back of your mind at the same time.

Managing your own backup system, particularly if you are still using manual systems, can be a repetitive and less than accurate way of managing your backup needs.

Ideally you want to know that your business critical files and data are being backed up on a daily basis and if you ever need to recover or restore files and data that you could do so quickly, efficiently and with complete confidence that your files will be there.

the I.T. team’s online backup service backs up your files and data automatically, as part of a set schedule, using encrypted web based systems to protect the security of your data. We capture it all, secure it, then update it on a daily basis.

We’ll also look at the way you store your data, and tailor the most cost effective solution for you. For example, you can pay less for files that you don’t need to access very often if they are stored in an archive facility.

Our backup technology uses deduplication processes, looking at your files and data and if it has already backed it up it doesn’t back it up again.

So our online backup uses the least amount of internet bandwidth required for the daily backup and the cost of backing up your data is included in your monthly bill.