Online Software

The rise of Cloud computing, the entry of Google into the online software market and the launch of Microsoft Office365 is providing businesses with choice and value around software.

The online software model has many benefits for business owners.

Instead of paying expensive licensing costs for software-in-a-box that is soon out of date, you pay a much smaller monthly fee to access the same software online.

Your business software can be accessed from wherever you and your staff can get an internet connection – enabling a more flexible working model, particularly if you have staff on the road or working from remote locations.

And you get upgrades as they are rolled out, rather than having to buy in the newest version when the budget allows.


Server Licensing

Microsoft’s Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) allows you to pay for Microsoft server licensing on a month by month basis. This service can be combined with your Server package and enables us to provide you with Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL, Exchange and SharePoint server licensing as part of your monthly I.T. services package.

Microsoft licensing can be very complex – our team can work with you to develop a Microsoft licensing model that is both cost effective and the best fit with your requirements.

the I.T. team is an authorised reseller of Google Apps and Microsoft Online Services.