Predictable Costs

We enable business owners across New Zealand to make IT costs predictable

Your IT systems provide the vital backbone of your business – enabling rapid communication between staff and customers, storing your critical business information and ensuring you can get up and running again quickly in case of unplanned events.

Unfortunately, all too often, IT systems that are not regularly updated or well-designed can cause major headaches, causing unexpected downtime, impacting on productivity and upsetting your cash flow predictions.graphs-cost

At the IT Team we have a clear understanding of how crucial a reliable, affordable IT framework is to your business success, and we have built a manageable model that delivers those outcomes for our clients.

We help you to control costs and avoid unpleasant surprises for your IT requirements by providing fixed price options to save you money, reduce risk and free up your capital.

The red line on the graph illustrates the typical yearly spend for any small business following a break-fix approach to their I.T. needs – server problems this month, license renewal that month, virus issue there, deploy updates and reboot there ... it's messy, unpredictable, and a nightmare for cash flow.

The green line on the graph illustrates the predictable monthly cost for our Big Guy EASY I.T. service package that would see the I.T. team taking responsibility for dealing with all of the headaches and uncertainty in the red line.

We want I.T. to be an asset to your business, not a liability.