Virtual Servers (VPS)

A VPS is a virtual private server which resides inside a physical host server.

The physical server is partitioned into multiple VPS servers using virtualisation software. Each virtual server can be set up to operate as if it were a physical server in its own right.

VPS servers are very cost effective. Because the server (generally speaking) is software, you don’t have to purchase new server hardware each time you want to create a new virtual server, you simply create another virtual server inside the existing host server.

This can be very beneficial for businesses that have a need for a low cost server, such as for hosting a simple website or providing a basic service to a small number of people.

VPS servers can be provisioned very quickly given that there’s no requirement for hardware and software to be installed. A VPS server can be fired up in a few mouse clicks, which has benefits in a disaster recovery situation for example. Combining a VPS with your online backup: Online Backup means you can have critical business processes up and running again in no time.