What is Cloud Computing?


Generally speaking cloud computing refers to software, I.T. and data services delivered via the internet.

The main benefits of cloud computing include:

  1. the scope you can create to focus on other, more important things, within your business. This is achieved by giving responsibility for the maintenance & upkeep of servers & software to someone else
  2. the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your staff can go about your business from anywhere with an internet connection, and not be exposed to the downtime risks associated with only being able to access systems from a fixed location
  3. the ability to bring greater certainty to cashflow by replacing irregular break/fix costs and often heavy capital expenditure with regular and predictable operational expenditure.

In a nutshell: scope, flexibility & predictability.


Are cloud based services appropriate for your business?

the I.T. team will work with you on that. We will look at how you currently use I.T. within your business and where it might be relevant and appropriate for you to move some or all of your I.T. services online.

We can also advise you on the best forms of cloud computing to adopt – private or public, the services that would be best for you – virtual servers and online backup, and also your options around the best providers such as Microsoft, Google or Dropbox.

There are many variations of cloud computing and the I.T. team is able to provide you with all of these cloud services.

It is highly likely that at least one cloud based service will be able to deliver tangible value to your business.