Why Choose Us?

Classroom-RobotsDoes this sound like you?

Spending large sums of money on servers, software, support contracts and break-fix repairs.

We come across this a lot. We call it the 'old-school' way of doing I.T. It's been around for years – very traditional. the I.T. team is very un-traditional We're offering a whole new direction in the delivery of I.T. services to business.

We have developed a range of highly cost effective EASY I.T. services that you can subscribe to for a fixed monthly fee. We can help you build your own EASY I.T. service package that fits the exact needs (and budget) of your business. We make I.T. business-friendly!

The delivery of I.T. services should be EASY...

In exactly the same way as you get delivered electricity – you just flick a switch and presto ... it's there! And you never wake up in the middle of the night worrying if your electricity is getting through. It's reliable, you can count on it.

Our job is to make I.T just electricity; reliable ... and cost effective. Our job is to give you what every small business owner wants ...

"Just make the bl#@%dy thing work"

Our I.T. service model is unique. For a fixed monthly fee you can have all of your I.T. needs taken care of by us – giving you complete I.T. peace of mind.

We call it our Big Guy plan. We have other plans available too You just want to get on with business, right?