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Mark is one of the longest standing employees at the I.T. team and his experience with the company reflects many of the realities of post-quake business in Christchurch.

Starting work for both the I.T. team in temporary Hornby offices soon after the 2011 quakes just five days after arriving from the UK, was a literal jump into the deep end – doing a role that was new, for a start-up business, in a city that hadn’t yet started recovering from the earthquakes.

“The I.T. team was basically a rapidly growing start-up with just seven staff when I came onboard, still figuring out what our client offering looked like and how we wanted to structure the company. Connon was doing all the sales and business development at that point and being able to jump in and work in that area was critical to helping manage the company’s growth.”

Since then Mark has been instrumental in helping to grow the company to its current size.

As an Account Manager, he spends a lot of time dealing directly with clients and particularly appreciates the chance to meet with them in person whenever possible.

“My clients stretch from Dunedin to Auckland, so being able to work with a diverse range of businesses and organisations nationwide definitely keeps things interesting. My role is to ensure that each client is getting maximum value from our services and to help them address any new IT related issues that we may be able to support or advise them on.”

Mark says the thing he likes best about working for the I.T. team is that coming to work doesn’t feel like work!

“Every day is different, the people I work with are great and the environment here is one that is interesting, challenging and fun to be part of. I really appreciate the fact that as a company our values mean that everyone’s opinion is heard and we all have a chance to have our say on a regular basis. The team are very professional and really focused on putting the needs of our customers first – and the combination of all those things makes for a great place to work.”

He is looking forward to the continuing evolution of the sector with new technologies and says company structure and processes changing and becoming more streamlined over the years has put the I.T. team in an excellent position to address challenges ahead.

“We know for example that the issue of security for business data is not going to go away any time soon, so finding new and more effective ways to address that for our clients is a real focus at present. Being able to monitor potential issues and educate our clients around the ‘human factor’ elements has become an important part of the service we offer.”

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