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pankaj kaul the IT team Auckland

Auckland based field technician Pankaj is thriving within the I.T. team environment – his first full time position after completing a degree in Information and Communication Technology at Ara Polytech in Christchurch.

Pan joined the I.T. team partway through the third year of his degree, having put in the hard work needed to achieve top grades in his class and demonstrating a natural aptitude for tech support and IT overall.

His first role with the company was as a technician in the Christchurch customer support team, and he has now moved into the field technician role in Auckland as part of his career progression within the business.

He appreciates the fact that the ongoing expansion of the company has naturally provided opportunities to change roles as his level of experience with IT grows, as well as the chance to change cities to the Auckland branch.

auckland skyline the IT team

Pan’s focus in Auckland is looking after clients in the North and City centre of Auckland, remotely and with onsite visits as his customer base increases in size.

He says that improvements to systems and processes over the years as the company has grown have resulted in real benefits for both staff and customers.

For example, “having Allan as a gatekeeper to answer and manage helpdesk calls from clients made a real difference in terms of our productivity and ability to respond to client calls in a timely manner,” Pan says.

Pan would definitely recommend the I.T. team to others as a great place to work – “If you’re good at IT, give it a try!”

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