If you’re having trouble turning on your computer, there are some quick steps you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Press the power button and check if any lights appear on the device, if not, check that the charger or power cable is plugged in securely to the power point and to the computer. 
  • Trying holding down the power button for at least 5 seconds. 
  • If it is a desktop PC, it is possible that the switch on the power supply has been bumped into the off position. Try pushing the switch into the on position. If you are unsure where the power supply is, please take a picture of the back of your computer and send it through to support@theitteam.co.nz where we can assist you. 
  • NOTE: there is a red sliding switch on desktop PC power supplies (circled in red below). Do not move this switch, it will change the voltage and destroy the power supply.










  • If the power light is on and you can hear fans spinning inside the computer, check that any connected monitors are plugged in at both ends and the display cable is also connected securely at both ends. Sometimes the computer is powered on but can’t output a display signal due to a loose cable. 
  • Disconnect any USB flash drivesUSB external hard drives and smartphone USB charging cables from the computer.