Fourteen years ago, when the I.T. team was established, Cyber Security was notably simpler – and less of an issue, than it is today. The device count per user was relatively low, and the number of threats tilted towards organisations was high. This risk could be largely mitigated with a good set of digital tools.

The explosion in Digital Technology since then has been driven by workplaces becoming more fluid and agile. The number of endpoints in terms of devices owned or used by individuals within an organisation has surged as organisations harness the power of cloud computing, and as a result, so as has the number of potential entry points for cybercriminals to access networks.

This means that as IT service providers, we need to continually think smarter, and extend our strategies beyond the mere protection of hardware.

Security breaches today have major implications for business, both in terms of $ cost, downtime, and reputational damage. Security of your digital ecosphere should be regarded as a board level concern. The reality is that even attacks that are not specifically targeted to one organisation but are designed to cause widespread chaos, can impact us here in New Zealand.

Business focus now has to shift beyond the traditional IT space of setting up and maintaining networks, software and hardware. IT security absolutely must be considered in Business Operations, and in every department it touches.

As IT providers, it’s our job to keep our customers informed, help them to assess the risk, and assist in finding the balance between Risk Profile, Security and Productivity.

To help our clients stay up to speed on the latest Cyber Security events, and advise on mitigating any perceived risk to the organisation, we are running a series of Cyber Security Workshops and talks.

This advice can be delivered from top-to-bottom, whether it’s direct technical advice for a specific situation, an overview of the wider Cyber Security landscape for Management, or more direct tips, tricks and advice for end users, we are here to help.

Get in touch if you are interested in us running a custom Cyber Security workshop exclusively for your organisation or if you would like to be added to our list for upcoming multi-organisation workshops we may be running.