We are on a continuous journey towards sustainability.

We integrate responsible practices across our operations, from ethical sourcing to progressive working models. We acknowledge that we are not perfect, but we are committed to making meaningful improvements year after year. Here are some key initiatives that illustrate our dedication to sustainable growth and responsible business practices.

Sustainable Sourcing:

Our partnerships with industry leaders like HP, Microsoft and Pax8, as well as our regional distributors, are chosen with a keen eye for sustainability. These relationships are not just built on their technological expertise but also on their commitment to environmental stewardship. By aligning with partners who prioritise sustainable practices in their operations, we ensure that our services are not only top-tier in quality but also in their respect and care for our planet.

Modern Working Practices:

Embracing hybrid and flexible working models, including coworking spaces, we substantially reduce our environmental impact. This approach not only decreases commuting emissions and office energy consumption but also leverages shared resources, enhancing sustainability. Integrating the extensive use of Microsoft Modern Workplace, we achieve remarkable efficiencies through full digitisation, greatly reducing our reliance on paper and printing. This fusion of modern technology and working practices amplifies our commitment to sustainability.

Empowering Community Engagement:

In line with our commitment to social responsibility, we offer volunteer days for our team, encouraging them to contribute to local community and environmental projects. This initiative not only aids valuable causes but also fosters a sense of purpose and teamwork among our employees, strengthening our collective commitment to making a positive impact.

E-Cycling for Sustainability:

To further our environmental initiatives, we offer e-cycling of hardware for our customers nationwide. This service ensures that outdated or unused electronic equipment is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing electronic waste and supporting the circular economy.

Hybrid Fleet:

Complementing our sustainability efforts, we are currently upgrading our traditional fuel fleet to hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

A Nurturing Work Environment:

Our commitment to being a Living Wage employer reflects our dedication to fair and responsible compensation for our team. Complementing this, we offer extended parental leave, wellness days, wellness grants and health insurance, prioritising the well-being, work-life balance, and mental health of our employees. These initiatives underscore our focus on social sustainability, creating a nurturing work environment that supports our team.