Watch our March 2024 webinar, and dive into the world of Microsoft Loop, the innovative collaboration platform that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other apps within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.


  • An Introduction to Microsoft Loop: Discover the ins and outs of Loop and how it effortlessly connects with other Microsoft 365 tools.
  • Key Features and Functionality: We delve into Loop’s standout features, including shared workspaces for collaborative efforts.
  • Use Cases and Scenarios: See Loop in action across various scenarios, from project management and document collaboration to boosting the productivity of team meetings.
  • Copilot In Loop: See how Microsoft has integrated Generative AI (Copilot) into Loop
  • Getting Started: Receive practical advice on launching your journey with Microsoft Loop
  • Best Practices and Tips: Maximise your use of Microsoft Loop with our expert recommendations on effective collaboration, content organisation, and maintaining security.

Attendee Praise:

“Thanks a lot for the webinar! We’ve already built Loop elements for a project during this demo!” 

“Thank you! With our team being based throughout the country, Loop presents a real opportunity for us to improve our efficiency.”

We trust you found our webinar useful.

Should you wish to delve deeper or need assistance with deploying Microsoft Loop, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you’re not quite ready for Loop but keen to learn more, you might enjoy our comprehensive blog What Is Microsoft Loop and Why Is It Awesome?

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