Working with the I.T. team is rewarding, challenging and lots of fun.

The I.T. team has offices and team members in Christchurch, Auckland and Dunedin, with the ability to also deliver all services Nationwide.

We are a company dedicated to improvement, both for our customers and ourselves. With The I.T. Team everyone is encouraged to build character, lead from where they are, and be the very best version of themselves. We hold ourselves accountable to a set of self-created values, and we measure everything we do against them every day.

These are:

  • Simplicity – “We are driven by simplifying and demystifying the complex”
  • Passionate – “We love to make a difference”
  • Leading Edge – “We are always exploring and learning, seeking to do it better than before
  • Partnership – “In all that we do, we strive to be a trusted safe pair of hands
  • Quality – “We aim to do it properly, the first time

We are continually on the look out for the right people to share our journey and make us even better at what we do. Our values are evident in our relationships with each other and our customers. The I.T. Team would love the opportunity to grow with you, and we’ll support you the entire way.

So what should you expect as a member of our team? Well…

  • everyone is a leader – we rock tech, but we also like to understand how we can work together better
  • we love a good debate – we think diverse views, and great debate lead to great decisions
  • trust is given on your first day, it’s not earned over time
  • it’s what you can do, not what you have done, that matters to us
  • we want you to grow and develop

…and what do we expect from you?

  • be the best you can be in all things you do
  • bring a growth mindset. Together we achieve.
  • lead from where you are – your voice is important
  • The desire to improve. Make every day better for us and our customers
  • have an enquiring mind – discovery and learning benefits us all

We celebrate Star Wars Day and Geek Appreciation Day.  We like video games, we like board games, we play sports, we have a bar! And we laugh … a lot.

You probably don’t want to hear it from us.  Meet a few of the many talented people at the I.T. Team.

Have we piqued your interest?  We’d love to hear from you.


We are always growing and will display here any current vacancies

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Meet some of our team