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For AJ, joining the I.T. team was a move into a less isolated environment where he’s able exchange knowledge, experience and plenty of laughs with his team mates on a daily basis.

He started at the company in December 2016 from five years working in-house with Canterbury Museum where he was the sole IT resource.

He says his knowledge of technologies has increased dramatically since starting the role, since the company supports such a range of software, hardware and provides a diverse range of solutions on behalf of clients.

AJ has enjoyed the challenges of working within the IT team environment and the fact that every day is different.

A core part of his role as a system engineer is to come up with solutions for his clients and ensure that he is across the full range of technology each client has on site.

He says some of the milestones for him in the role to date have included seeing individual clients really flourish in their businesses thanks in part to the solutions the I.T. team has implemented for them.

“It’s great to see the clients I support really benefiting from the work we do for them. Every time I do the job well and the client’s organisation functions better than they were previously, there is a feeling of personal achievement.”

He is excited to see where the IT team will progress to in the future, particularly with the rapidly changing world of technology.

“We are definitely becoming more specialised in terms of the roles we perform for clients, particularly in areas like security and being able to build our internal resources to deliver specific services for our clients,” he said.

“Being part of the I.T. team is a rewarding experience where I feel I’m valued and my contribution actually matters, rather than simply being told what work to do.”

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