Project Description

“What impressed me most about the IT Team was how quickly and seamlessly they transitioned our old system to the cloud.”
“The new structure is more secure and cost-effective than our old IT system and it’s far easier to scale for business growth.”

Hamish McIntyre
Process and Development Manager

The Business

Foot Science International, established in Christchurch almost 40 years ago, designs and manufactures one of the top orthotics brands in the world.

Formthotics custom fitted insoles are used by medical professionals and sport specialists to keep millions of people active by relieving them of foot, leg, hip and lower back pain.

With 20 staff in New Zealand, four overseas, and distributors in 39 countries, reliable marketing and communications is pivotal for this successful business.


Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Sector: Health and Medical Devices
Users/Seats: 24 staff, including 5 remote staff (4 global, 1 in NZ)
Services provided: Managed Services, Managed Backup, Datacentre Services, Office 365, SharePoint migration

The Challenge

Foot Science’s core IT infrastructure had been functioning well with its on-site blade server array for nearly a decade. That was until a sudden major hardware failure brought the business to a halt for several days.

The IT Team managed to get the company back online, but a permanent fix was urgent. The server was too old to be repaired, so another solution had to be found fast.

One of many options considered was a new onsite server. What swayed the decision was the realisation that this disaster presented a silver lining – an opportunity to improve the system and review business processes.

The Solution

Walter Künkel, a senior engineer at The IT Team, architected the winning solution to migrate Foot Science’s existing onsite systems to a fully hosted cloud structure within a datacentre. This included all critical business functions, an ERP system, databases, and everyday file storage. The plan would also have a good level of backups to mitigate any future risks to production.

“The decision to move their server and database to a cloud solution was driven by four factors: good user experience, maximum uptime, flexibility for remote staff, and robust disaster recovery measures,” said Walter.

Process and Development Manager Hamish McIntyre, who was the key IT stakeholder responsible for the project delivery from client side, said: “Changing to the cloud didn’t involve huge disruption to our business, which was great. Instead of simultaneously restructuring our data and systems, we essentially mapped our existing network and structure across. It’s provided the opportunity to tidy things up, including migrating recent data and archiving legacy data.”

The Benefits:

With The IT Team providing a managed service, Foot Science International no longer needs to spend time and worry on maintaining its old system. Plus, with better connectivity, remote staff can now easily access files and marketing materials while they are on the road, instead of having to go through unstable VPN connections.

“The solution has removed a layer of complexity for our team in terms of getting access to our systems and has also delivered an IT system that is far more predictable in terms of cost, without having a big capital expenditure,” said Hamish.

“The available resource accurately reflects the current business requirement and can be adjusted on the fly to reflect any expansion, or new tools and applications which may be introduced into the environment.”

The new cloud hosted environment also provides a good layer of redundancy and simplifies business continuity planning. With 28-day geographically redundant backups in place, any accidental deletion or cyber-attack can be swiftly rectified.

Hamish concluded,  “What impressed me most about the IT Team was how quickly and seamlessly they transitioned our old system to the cloud. The new structure is more secure and cost-effective than our old IT system and it’s far easier to scale for business growth.”

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