Jayde, who hails from South Africa, joined our team back in 2018 as a Service Desk Technician and has been an integral part of our company ever since. Jayde has had the opportunity to wear many hats, from working on the Service Desk, Triage, and is now a valuable member of NDU team (New and Departing Users).

One of Jayde’s strengths and passion is her ability to document and improve processes. She also has a knack for understanding our clients’ needs and works closely with them to ensure their documentation is up to a high standard.

When Jayde isn’t working, she enjoys indulging in her passion for reading on her beloved Kindle and doing Diamon art. She also cherishes spending quality time with her two wonderful children.

Quote: “I joined this amazing company to unleash my creativity as a female tech, where my unique ideas are valued, and I can witness them turning into reality through innovation and teamwork.”

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