Christchurch based I.T. team member Lucy has made herself an indispensable part of the company since coming onboard four years ago.

Her background is not the stereotypical ICT training, but rather a Bachelor of Arts degree including stats and political science. A natural bent for numbers, systems and problem solving plus an IT-heavy upbringing turned out to be the perfect combination when the opportunity to apply for a Sales Support role came up.

Since then, Lucy’s role in the business has evolved away from sales support into “internal support” – which means she makes sure work gets to the right people, helps balance the load across the team and facilitates internal meetings, while providing data reporting, incident investigation and focusing on improving systems and increasing efficiency wherever possible.

Lucy thrives on the challenge of a business that is continually innovating and evolving and being part of an industry that is doing the same.

“The best part of working for the I.T. team is definitely the people. It’s like coming to work with a group of friends every day. Even though our work is serious, none of the team take themselves too seriously!”

“And the variety in our workload also makes a huge difference – no two days are the same.”

Over the last two years, Lucy has been a key member of the business’s Health and Wellbeing committee and says that initiatives to improve the health of the team have really had a positive impact.

“We talk about our wellbeing a lot more, both in and outside of team meetings and people are aware of mental health issues they might not have been able to articulate in the past. There is definitely an increase in trust and people feel able to talk about the things that matter to them.”

She sees that the business has changed quite a bit in the last four years – “the company has grown up a lot since I first started. We have put a lot more systems and processes in place and we are well positioned to plan for each next phase of business growth.”

Lucy is excited about the new technologies ahead and seeing how clients might choose to implement them in their businesses.

“The company has grown up a lot since I first started working here. We’ve put a lot more systems and processes in place and we are well positioned to manage each new phase of business growth.”

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