Device as a Service (DaaS) from our partners HP is a new way of upgrading your IT hardware.  DaaS changes the consumption model to be “as a service,” meaning you are only paying for what you use.  This change allows for the hardware to be listed as a monthly operating expense (OPEX).

One of the benefits of an OPEX model is it avoids the hassle of being stuck with a fleet of out of date equipment which rapidly depreciates to be worth a fraction of the initial purchase price.

HP’s service does allow for non-HP branded equipment to be bundled into the DaaS offering.  They also offer the ability to “flex” up or down, meaning that new equipment can be added or removed once a contract is in place. The overall idea is that the IT spend is optimized, so you only pay for what you are using and keep up to date with the latest hardware.

HP’s after-sales support and warranty repairs are reliable, and DaaS has the option to bundle in extended warranty support or “care packs” with devices.  This eliminates the headache of dealing with faulty equipment.  If something breaks hardware-wise, with a DaaS contract, we can arrange for HP to come and fix it on-site for no charge.

We spend a significant amount of time managing and maintaining older computer equipment, and as you’d expect, there are far fewer issues with newer equipment as it is generally more reliable and better performing.

We’re very excited about being able to offer this as an alternative way to access I.T. equipment, one that has obvious benefits over outright purchases or even leasing, to some degree.  The offering is also timely with Windows 7 end of life requiring many organisations to upgrade their fleet.

If you would like to learn more about DaaS and how it might benefit your organisation, do call us.