Dive into our February 21st, 2024, webinar for an insightful look at Microsoft Copilot for 365. This session is perfect for those eager to understand how AI can enhance their productivity and where it might not fit just yet.


  • Introduction to Copilot: Get to know Microsoft Copilot and its various forms.
  • Capabilities & Use Cases: Discover what Copilot can do for you.
  • Limitations: Learn what Copilot doesn’t do well.

This webinar includes a number of demonstrations including the use of Copilot in Email management, PowerPoint creation, Teams recap, document merging in Microsoft Word, and more.

There is also a candid report card on Copilot’s performance in different tasks, tips on implementation, adoption strategies, and pricing details.

Attendee Praise:

“Was great to get an honest, impartial view on its capabilities.”
“Was really good to get an overview and really good to see its imperfections too, felt like a very honest webinar.”

We trust you found our webinar insightful.

Should you wish to delve deeper or need assistance with deploying Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Not quite ready for Copilot? We’ve got you covered with resources designed to enhance your understanding and use of Microsoft Copilot:

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