As part of our inhouse focus on health and wellness, last month we introduced something a little new and different (and free!) for the team to try out: Habit Sticks.

They are part of a wider initiative run by as a means to introduce positive habits to your day-to-day life – things like making your bed every morning before work, no longer adding sugar to your coffee, spending 30 minutes outside every day, or choosing to take 30 minutes a day for quiet non-screen time or meditation.

Rather than trying to focus on bigger goals, it’s often easier to simply make smaller changes like these each day, and having a physical tool to tick them off each time really helps to reinforce that new habit.

The majority of the team were keen to try them out, with some I.T. teamers having several different habit sticks on the go at a time! (We won’t tell you who chose to re-watch a Star Wars movie every night!)

We will be collecting them at the end of the month with a random prize draw for everyone that completes their habit stick. It’ll be great to find out how everyone went, and what kind of impact the sticks have made.

The burning question of the month is – Will the Habits Stick?

Early this month one of our team went along to a talk run by the Chamber of Commerce on mental health in the workplace, and it was really enlightening to hear what went on.

We were all really pleased to hear the speaker recommend Habit Sticks as one way to improve mental wellness!

We’ll be focusing on some of the tips from that talk in the coming months, so keep a look out for what we’ve got planned for the team.