AJ: System Engineer

For AJ, joining the I.T. team was a move into a less isolated environment where he's able to exchange knowledge, experience and plenty of laughs with his teammates on a daily basis. Get to know AJ.



"Being part of the I.T. team is a rewarding experience where I feel I'm valued and my contribution actually matters, rather than simply being told what work to do."


Pankaj Kaul

Pan would definitely recommend the I.T. team to others as a great place to work - "If you're good at IT, give it a try!"


Mark Taylor

"Every day is different, the people I work with are great and the environment here is interesting, challenging and fun to be part of. I really appreciate the fact that as a company our values mean that everyone's opinion is heard and we all have a chance to have our say on a regular basis."


Walter Kunkel

"I've never worked in a business like this before where I really look forward to going to work every day. In fact I start often at 6am simply because I want to be here and enjoy having a little quiet time to get through my work before the rest of the team arrives."


Allan Barclay

Allan unreservedly recommends the I.T. team as a great place to work - "It's almost not like a job" go for it! It can be challenging, it's fun and you're respected as an employee!


Lucy Rees

The company has grown up a lot since I first started working here. We've put a lot more systems and processes in place and we are well positioned to manage each new phase of business growth.


Pankaj Kaul: Field Technician

Auckland based field technician Pankaj is thriving within the IT team environment - his first full time position after completing a degree in Information and Communication Technology at Ara Polytech in Christchurch.


Allan Barclay: Customer Triage

Allan is the first port of call for client phone calls and emails to the I.T. team's support number (and ticketing system). He handles incoming customer issues, works out the most likely cause and then directs each issue to the person on the team who has availability and the skillset required to address it. Read more about Allan and his role.