The rapid move to Hybrid working during the pandemic meant that many of us made two years of technology transformation in two months.

Now with a changing market we all want to ensure that we’re getting the best from our investment in Microsoft 365.

Traditionally most organisations have looked at “usage” as being the measure of success, but we know that doesn’t show the full picture. We need to better understand “how” your users are working, and how your technology choices are affecting productivity.

The Microsoft Productivity Score gives you insights into how work gets done and thus aids you in transforming your organisation. 

It achieves this by focusing on two things;

  1. Visibility – understanding how your organisation works today.
  2. Insights – identifies where you can make changes to improve your teams experience


How to access it and Peer Benchmarks

Your Productivity Score is available within the Microsoft 365 Administration Centre.  The overall Score is based on points over several categories – some of which pertain to the Employee Experience and some the Technology Experience.

The Score includes a Peer Benchmark – which enables you to compare your score with similar organisations. Your peers are an anonymous cohort of Microsoft 365 customers that are similar in the subscription type, tenure on the service, industry, or region.

You can also see your score history for the last 6 months – which helps you see the impact of any actions you might take to drive change in your organisation

What data does it show and how can I use it?

Good investment in technology enables your greatest assets, your people, to achieve their highest potential. The Employee Experience category of the Productivity Score shows you if your people are embracing all the benefits that modern workplace tools present.  This includes an analysis of whether they are communicating using flexible ways that suit their working styles, if they are using meeting tools to save each other time and if they are collaborating with others on content in the cloud.  Further it gives you oversight of whether they are working together in shared workspaces and making the most of mobility.

For each of these areas the report also provides you with supporting information. These insights can be used to help you devise a targeted action plan to drive improvement in your team.

How do you make improvement?

It depends on what we discover in the data. Sometimes its technology decisions stopping you from complying with best practice. In many cases it’s training.  We can work with you to review your Score and insights and make recommendations as to next steps.

If you’re interested in learning more about your Productivity Score, contact our team today, we’d love to talk to you.