Globally, organisations of all sizes are now regularly threatened by malicious online operators

Security breaches cause huge disruption, and outages can bring your business to a halt, resulting in loss of productivity and reputation while causing major inconvenience.

Unfortunately digital security isn’t a “one size fits all” affair.  We use best practice frameworks to assess the security risks your business faces, then recommend the right combination of  IT security tools and policies to keep you safe.

As your team are your first line of defence against many attacks we also offer Phishing simulation and user training services to give them the skills and confidence to thwart an attack.

Cyber-attacks are now one of great risks your organisations faces and designing an managing a solution is complex and requires IT security expertise. Let us assist you in designing a ‘fit for purpose’ cyber security strategy.

Our tools add these additional critical safeguards to your environment

  1. Blocking malicious destinations before a connection is ever established
  2. Sophisticated protection against unsafe attachments and malicious links in your Office 365 Email Inbox
  3. File and Malware protection at the workstation level

If I.T. security is important to your organisation please contact us about keeping your environment safe

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