As you will have seen in a number of other articles here on our site and in our social media channels, and of course in the wider media, the issue of companies and organisations being attacked through the use of malware and ransomware is becoming very widespread.

Due to the serious consequences that can result from a ransomware attack, we do our best to educate our clients about best practice to avoid such things happening, and encourage them to educate their teams – as it only takes one point of vulnerability for an attack to take place.

Given the rapid rise of these events, and the recent international “wanna cry” outbreak, we have developed a set of two posters that you can request from us to put up in your workplace for the benefit of staff.

We will be distributing these to I.T. team clients around the country, but they are also available free for anyone else who would like to request them for their workplace.

Simply drop us a line via  with how many posters you would like and your mailing address, and we will get them right out to you.