Recent research by Forrester found that the successful implementation of Microsoft Teams delivers 3.2 hours per user per week in time saved through improved collaboration, information sharing and more efficient meetings.

For a business of any size, that’s a compelling proposition!

Lets do the numbers:

If you’re a 20 person team, with an average of $35/hour wage cost, each working an average 45 weeks a year – it represents a whopping $100,800 saving!

So, what is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the integrated hub for teamwork in Office 365 that allows everyone in your organisation to easily access essential communication and collaboration tools, launch meetings or phone calls, share files, co-author documents, exchange messages and access common apps – all in one place, no matter where you’re working.

Here are four ways Microsoft Teams can make your business more productive:

  1. Persistent chat stores all relevant messages and conversations in one place and aligns them with relevant documents to help team members stay current and save time.
  2. Bring together teams and resources all in one place. Get the hub for teamwork with Microsoft Teams, where you can chat, hold meetings and share files and apps. Connect your people to their content with file storage and sharing
  3. Use channels to organise conversations. Bring conversations and collaboration together in one place that’s easily accessed by your entire team.
  4. Resolve critical problems in real time. Quickly find the task owner, start a video call, and use desktop sharing to work through the issues together without leaving your Microsoft Teams channel.

To learn how you can use Microsoft Teams to streamline communication, collaboration and boost productivity in your business, call us today.  We’re here to help.