Being able to get in touch with our customer support crew quickly and easily – and keep track of any tickets you have lodged with us for service requests is now easier than ever thanks to Desk Director.

Over the last few months, we have been rolling out Desk Director to IT team client computers to ensure everyone is equally able to access this powerful tool from their desktop.

Log and Track Tickets

With Desk Director activated on your computer, you no longer need to email through your support tickets, and you may not even need to call us for tech support. (We still might call you of course to help resolve issues.)

Support Customised to Your Business

Your version will be customised for your business, ensuring that the tasks you need to do most often, or would normally request our support for most often, are all included and easy to get to through the Request Support screen.

Secure Alerts

As well as a platform for logging and tracking tickets, Desk Director provides us with a secure way of communicating any system problems or other issues with all affected clients at once.

As you know, email is no longer the most secure way to get reliable messages out to a client base, so we prefer to use Desk Director to convey the most urgent information to you and your staff.

Training Resources

Desk Director can also be used as a repository of training resources – not just for the MS Office or Office365 resources, but also for any information your organisation wishes to make available as training tools through the platform.

If you or your team don’t have DD yet, feel free to ask your account manager about it, but also rest assured it will be coming your way very soon.

Check out the screenshots above for a glimpse of what Desk Director has to offer.